Power Generator Hire

Blue Star Rentals is a leading generator hire-rental company offering a wide range of diesel generators-8KVA to 450KVA- to meet the needs of trade, construction, mining and more. Our expert generator hire team can provide the right advice to ensure you hire the right generator to meet  your needs.

Why Blue Star Generator Rental

Our generator hire team are industry experts and can provide the right advice to ensure you hire the right generator specifications. We offer our customers;

  • Quality, reliable generators
  • 24/7 support
  • Full equipment testing
  • Qualified, experienced generator hire technicians
  • Wide range of generators both single and 3-phase
  • Timely delivery

Diesel Generator Hire Pricing

For more information and generator hire-rental pricing please call us on 1300 232 857

Frequency50Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Prime Rating810.520375080100125200270350450
Power Factor10.8
Class of RatingSuitable for Prime Power
Exciting MethodBrushless (with A.V.R)
No. of Phase1 Phase3-Phase, 4 Wire
Diesel Engine
Make And ModelKubota D722-EBKubota D1503-K3AKubota V2403-K3AKubota V3800-DI-T-K2BIsuzu BB-4BG1TIsuzu DD-6GB1THino J08C-UPHino J08C-UDMitsubishi 6D24-TLE2BKomatsu SAA6D125E-2-BKomatsu SA6D140E-3-BKomatsu SAA6D140E-3-B
No. of Cylinders334446
Type (4Cycle, Water-Cooled)VerticalSwirl ChamberDirect Injection, Turbo ChargedDirect Injection, Turbo Charged, IntercooledDirect Injection, Turbo ChargedDirect Injection, Turbo Charged, Intercooled
Total Displacement0.7199L1.499L2.434L3.769L4.329L6.494L7.961L7.961L11.94L11.04L15.24L15.24L
Rated Output10.3KW13.7KW23.7KW45.6KW57.4KW91.2KW112.7KW140KW199KW257KW357KW427KW
FuelDiesel Fuel Oil
Fuel Tank Capacity28L58L70L100L135L225L250L250L390L490L490L490L
Fuel Consumption (50/75% Load)3.3L/Hr1.9/2.4 L/Hr3.0/4.0 L/Hr4.4/6.4 L/Hr6.0/8.6 L/Hr10.2/14.5 L/Hr11.5/16.4 L/Hr14.7/19.4 L/Hr22.5/31.8 L/Hr30.0/43.1L/Hr39.7/56 L/Hr48.4/69.2L/Hr
Lubricating Oil Capacity3.4L6.5 L9.5L13.2L14L18L24.5L24.5L37L62L79L91.5L
Cooling Water Capacity4.1L5.7L7.0L11L15L24L22L22L39L43.5L69L91.5L
Battery (Capacity 5hrs)55B24R (12V x 36) AH80D26R(55) x 1 AH80D26R(55) x 1 AH80D26R(55) x 1 AH80D26R(55) x 1 AH95D31R(64) x 2 AH95D31R(64) x 2 AH95D31R(64) x 2 AH170F51(120) x 1 AH170F51(120) x 1 AH225H52(176) x1 AH225H52(176) x1 AH
Dimensions & Weight
Overall Length1285mm1480mm1550mm1870mm2090mm2600mm2990mm2990mm3700mm3900mm4150mm4550mm
Overall Width607mm650mm700mm860mm860mm1000mm1180mm1180mm1300mm1400mm1400mm1600mm
Overall Height696mm950mm980mm1220mm1220mm1400mm1480mm1480mm1670mm1760mm2040mm2090mm
Net Dry Mass295kg520kg610kg900kg1120kg1640kg2050kg2180kg3240kg3790kg5120kg6170kg
Operating Mass315kg580kg680kg1010kg1260kg1870kg2300kg2430kg3630kg4290kg5670kg6750kg
Sound Level
Sound Level @ 7M47 dB(A)56 dB(A)59 dB(A)57 dB(A)63 dB(A)59 dB(A)61 dB(A)63 dB(A)65 dB(A)66 dB(A)66 dB(A)67 dB(A)