Powerful and portable power that’s tough, yet quiet

Blue Star Rentals BLUE SR range of Diesel Generators is engineered to handle the most extreme requirements for construction and mining in Australia’s harsh conditions.

Super Silent Technology 

The frame and housing are built with high strength materials, and all doors are engineered to minimise vibration.

Sound Attenuated Enclosure is lined with special vibration-absorbent polymer material to reduce vibrations. This oil resistant material is bonded to the walls of the canopy with resilient adhesive that enhances its performance.

The unit’s airflow has been engineered to provide proper cooling at an absolute minimum noise level.

Control Panel 

No complicated Electronics!

Simple Analogue Dials are easier to operate and create fewer faults than sets controlled by Electronics, especially in very hot and dusty environments.

Warning Lights and analogue gauges (including fuel, tachometer, oil pressure, coolant temperature and charging system amps) providing easy monitoring of engine operations.

Compact Design 

These Japanese engineered sets are generally more compact that other generators. This makes them far more versatile and portable.

More Efficient 

By only using the best Japanese engines available, such and Kubota and Isuzu, our generators will use less fuel than other machines on the market. In Prime power applications this can mean massive savings for the end user over the period of the project.

Mine Site Ready

All BLUE SR diesel generators are mine and construction site compliant including the following:

  • Fuel Tank Bunding
  • Fork Lift Points
  • Lockable Battery Isolator
  • Emergency Stop
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Outlets with RCD protection